Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day! Ryan and I have never really made a big deal about Valentine's Day. Well we did the first one we celebrated. It was only about two weeks after we started dating, so that stakes were pretty high. I remember not really knowing what to get him. We weren't at the point of saying love, and the "I Like You" stuff was pretty cheesy. We do okay though. Must have since we are still together 15 years later!

I put together the kids Valentine's Day goodies last night before I went to bed. I made them each a little card, too:

 I meant to move the bags on top of the fireplace so Caden wouldn't see them right away. He got downstairs before I did, and by the time I was down there he was already digging into his bag. Here are some pics:

Showing off his card, but staring at the Peeps. Yep, he's mine :)

The Marvel Heroes book is really cool because it has little magnets that he can put on each page.
He smiled when he saw the movie, but I wasn't fast enough with my phone.
It was cute when he wished us a Happy Valentine's Day.

Lilli got into the action when she got downstairs. Ryan got a couple of pics:

Also excited about the Peeps.
Look at that little goof ball!
It is impossible to now take her picture without the squinted eyes. That is how she smiles :) She is also saying "cheese." She loved her goodies as well.

The Lion King DVD is for both kids. Caden has been asking for it for a long time, so I caved in. I think it may be a little scary, but I LOVE the music. We will just have to all watch it together Friday night with some "sticky popcorn," as Caden calls the kettle corn Ryan makes.



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