Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Caden's screening

Since Ryan took Caden to his Development Screening, I decided it would make more sense for him to write the blog entry. Here it is from Ryan:

"Today Caden had his preschool screening.  I told him we were going there to play some special games and have some fun.  The person who evaluated him is a speech pathologist who worked with my mom for years.  She followed him around and asked him questions and just observed his speech, fine & gross motor, interaction with others, and asked me questions about what he was able to do.  He passed that with flying colors and she said he was obviously fine.  His favorite thing was chasing two college girls around with a ball that they threw back and forth.  It was a little weird when he asked for their phone numbers though.  They also give the option to have hearing and vision screenings.  We did the hearing test (which was fine), but opted out of the vision screening since I'm one of the docs they refer the kids to anyway.  I told them I could probably handle that one.  He had a good time and they confirmed that he is doing great!"

Here is the proof:

I am so happy that Ryan was able to go with him. I think he was proud of our little man. He said he thought about taking pictures after he left. No biggie! I know Caden had a great time, and I am glad he wasn't shy. We were a very proud Mama and Dada today :)


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