Saturday, February 04, 2012

Caden and Andrew: Best Buds

Happy birthday to my Dad! Wish we could spend it with him.

I have to tell you about all the fun Caden had when Cousin Andrew (he corrects us if we just say Andrew) was in town.

Caden was THRILLED when he found out he would get to play with his cousin Andrew all day on Friday. He woke up in a good mood that day, was ready to get dressed right away, and wanted to know when Andrew would be getting to our house. It is awesome that they got along so well.

Here is a pic that Grandma sent to me while she was spending time with all the kiddos:

They even ventured to open gym. Luckily Stephanie and Linda came with Adin, so there were extra hands to help since Lilli was there, too. I can't wait to see how she is at open gym. She is my little girly tomboy, so she gets right in there with the boys :)

After gymnastics they went back to play and Grandma and Bumpah's house for a while. Caden even had to perform an exam to check for a dragon in Andrew's ear:

Silly boys!

Today Caden and I both got our haircut. He was such a big boy. Here are some pics. He always looks so serious while getting his hair cut:

Thank you, Catie Graff. We went and visited her at her new salon Sublime Hair Studio on Sawyer Street. It was beautiful! Everyone should go and visit her there.

After we got done with hair and running some errands, we stopped at Red Robin for lunch. Caden was such a good boy. He and Daddy read while we waited for our food:

Lilli ate crayons :) Don't mind her crazy hat hair:


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