Saturday, February 25, 2012

Busy weekend

Last night started our busy weekend. We have the Mid-Morning Kiwanis fundraising event: Oshkosh Talent Untapped. It was a lot of fun. There were performers, of course, but there were also some items on which to bid. Ryan won a year supply of beer from Fratello's. It is for once a month. He was pretty pleased about that. The people who performed were pretty good. There was one student from West who recited his poetry. He was amazing. The talent was so great that I asked him for an email address so I could set up a time for him to come and visit my Creative Writing students and recite his poetry. He ended up getting second place for his division.

We had a really great time. Thank you to Chris for watching the kiddos for us. It was cute when we got home. The living room was very quiet with Caden sleeping on Aunt Chris' lap. Too cute.

Today was also a busy day. I went spinning this morning, and then soon after I got home Ryan had to leave to help work Battle on Bago. This was another fundraising event for conservation. Ryan's rotary club was running a Chili cook-off, so he had to be there from roughly 10-4 to help with it. The kids and I stayed home and played. I had planned to run to the store with them, but then Caden slept FOREVER. Not that I'm complaining. I got a chance to paint my nails! :) The fun didn't stop there.

Tonight Ryan and I went to a Propel membership drive meeting.

Propel was organized in 2003 as a development and networking group for young professionals. Ryan knows multiple people in the group, and he has been asked multiple times to come and check it out. Ryan really likes the idea since it is something we could do together. The event was at the YMCA by our house. It was fun because the facility was kept open just for the group, so we were able to either rock wall climb, play volleyball, or ice skate. Ryan and I did the rock wall climbing. Here are some shots of Ryan. He did a very good job.

This is much trickier than it looks!
Here he is working at climbing the hard side. NOT the side I did :)

Almost there!
We had a really good time, and we think we will end up joining. We met some nice people, and would like to have a group with which to socialize. The networking for Ryan is also a huge positive.

It seems like we have done so much this weekend, and it is only Saturday night! A HUGE thank you goes out to Grandma and Bumpah for watching the kiddos while we were networking :) The kids were pretty happy to see them when they got here.

Tomorrow is another 5 miler, so we will see how that goes!



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