Thursday, January 26, 2012

Travelling Daddy

The kids and I have had a bit a quality time together just the three of us lately. Ryan has had to do some traveling for PMI. (PMI is a billing and coding company in which Ryan is a partner with Dr. Chuck Brownlow for those who don't know). It started with last Friday when Ryan headed to Nashville, which was no easy feat. The weather was horrible, so Ryan and Chuck had a beast of a time even getting there. They got there late Friday night, lectured all Saturday into the evening, and left very early Sunday morning. Ryan was bummed out that he didn't get anytime to sight see or meet up with our good friend from high school Jessica Turner. I told him we will have to go back sometime as a mini trip and visit. He had a great time lecturing, but he missed the kids. We missed him a lot, too. Caden really wanted to send Dada a message, so this is what we sent: 

Dada sent a response, and Caden probably watched it around 15 times! Lilli liked it, too.

Overall, we did pretty well. I had a terrible sore throat, and both kids were still fighting their colds, but we had a good time. Ryan got home around 1 pm on Sunday. The kids were very happy to see him.

Monday night then Ryan had to fly to Des Moines to lecture again all day Tuesday. And once again, the weather did not cooperate. After some flight switching, he was able to get there. Getting home was a pain, too. He almost did not make it Tuesday night.

As with over the weekend, Caden wanted to send Dada a message again. This time he was telling Dada about his cold.

Lilli seemed to be feeling a little better. Here are some pics of her "shopping" from our shelves. She loves to pull out the capers and can of Carnation and carry them around. Silly girl.

We are all happy that Dada is now home and doesn't have plans to travel again any time in the near future.


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