Friday, January 27, 2012

Sleeping babes

I think it is pretty normal for a parent to love watching her children sleep. They just look so sweet and peaceful. I look forward to checking on them every night before I go to bed. Ryan does, too. There have even been some nights when he will see me heading toward Caden's room (we always go there first), and he will try to beat me to the door. It's a nice little competition. :) Caden has really been into have all of his "friends" with him in bed lately. The bed gets a little crowded, but he seems to love it. I had to get a pic last night.

You probably also noticed that he isn't wearing pj's. He prefers to just sleep in his diaper. Sometimes he will wear his shirt, or he will wear pants, but usually not both.

Lilli also is such a cute little sleeper. We never know where she will be in the crib when we check on her. She is a mover! She does sleep pretty well though. We can't complain. I wanted to get a pic of her last night as well, but she was in a pretty awkward position. I couldn't get a good shot of her face. This is the best I could get:

So snuggly :)


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Diane said...

have a hard time reading your post.the writing is to light .can you make it a little darker? thanks