Monday, January 30, 2012

Sick house

For some reason we are having a very hard time keeping all of us healthy! Caden and Lilli are going on week three of their colds. They both ended up having ear infections, and Caden also has Sinusitis. Ryan and I have been battling extremely sore throats ourselves. Enough already!!! Did I mention was also had the flu go through the house about two weeks before that? Who knew that colds could be so horrible? The kids have coughed so hard that they have thrown up! Nothing is better than having a child (who just had a huge breakfast of eggs and cereal) get into a huge coughing jag...while you are holding her. It was pretty gross.

We seem to FINALLY be on the mend. Ryan took Caden into the Walk-In clinic at Shopko because his cough seemed to be so much worse. That's when his ear infection and Sinusitis were diagnosed. Both kiddos are taking Amoxicillin. Ryan and I have been taking Ibuprofen non-stop for our sore throats. The window sill above the kitchen sink looks like a drug store!

Hopefully I will be able to report soon that we are all healthy. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Sick, but still cute:

They are showing their grilled cheese sandwiches. Caden's is a space ship and Lilli's is Mickey Mouse.
The best part is that Dada gets to eat all of the scraps :)


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