Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Look at me posting two days in a row! That leads me right into my New Year's Resolutions!

Here they are in no particular order:

1) Update the blog more frequently: Since my family in Ohio doesn't get to see the kids very often, I know it is very important to keep the blog updated so that they feel like they know what is going on in our lives. Plus, my kids are just too darn cute to not post pics of for everyone to see.

2) Workout regularly: I am already doing pretty well with this. Signing up and paying money for the Oshkosh Half-Marathon in April is really helping with this! Also joining the Y is giving me the opportunity to try some new classes. I want to figure a way to bring the kids into this one more. I have already been doing bicycle ab exercises with Caden sitting on my stomach. He thinks that's pretty funny.

3) Mail cards for special occasions on time: Although this was on my list last year, it was an epic fail. I don't know what my problem is with getting things out on time. I am hoping to help this along by planning ahead of time month by month the cards that I need to send. Since my scrapping room is so organized, I have no excuse. This is a good excuse to show my room, right?

Thank you, Ryan. That was the best birthday present ever!

4) Read more for pleasure: I LOVE to read. That makes sense since I'm an English teacher I suppose :) The problem is that I just don't seem to have enough free time to allow myself to read. At times I actually feel guilty when I am reading. I feel like I should be doing something else like cleaning or something. I need to get over that. It is important for myself that I allow myself time to read. I deserve it.

5) DATE NIGHT!!!: Ryan and I need to go out just the two of us more often. We feel guilty when we do. I know we shouldn't. We spend so much time with our kiddos. We have decided that we just need to pay a babysitter (Yes, I know we have many family members and friends who would watch the kiddos, but we feel like we are taking advantage of them if we ask them to watch the kids), and then we need to go out and have adult time. I want to start going to a movie once a month. This is pretty big considering the last movie we saw was before Lilli was born I believe. :) And I also want to go to dinner at least one other time a month. That means TWO date nights a month. Sounds good to me!

6) CRAFT! CRAFT! CRAFT!: I love to craft. Scrapbooking, card making, crocheting, paper crafting... I need to make more time for this. It is a nice stress reliever for me. The good part is that now that Caden is older, he can come downstairs with me to craft. He LOVES to play with my Cricut. And now that the basement is cleaned, there is a large area where he can play down there with me. A family that crafts together stays together :)

7) Stay organized: At this point, I think our house looks pretty good in the organization department. The garage could use some work, but right now it is just too darn cold to worry about that. Being organized always me to have so much more time to use on other things. Does that make sense? I have started making sure everything goes where it needs to go ASAP. So when I fold my laundry, I put it away as soon as I can. If I don't, there is the tendency to allow it to pile up until it is all done. That just gets the pile to look overwhelming and the task to keep getting pushed back. Not good. I have also been doing things for the day the night before. This includes: pulling out my outfit the night before, choosing outfits for each kid and placing on their dresser, packing my lunch, preparing my tea so I just need to put it in the microwave the next morning, pre-planning dinners... Overall, this has made my morning a lot less hectic and a lot more productive. I think Ryan would agree with that :)

I will update periodically on my progress!


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