Saturday, January 28, 2012

My new love: Spinning

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to try a spinning class. I was always too intimidated to go to one. The spinning people (as I imagined them) were too hard core for me. I didn't think I would do well with an instructor barking directions at me. What if I wouldn't be able to increase resistance when we told to do so? Would people look at me? Would they notice I didn't increase it at all? All of my fears came true...

My only experience with spinning, up to three weeks ago, was the one time I went to a class when I was living in Chicago still. You know, back in the day when I had more free time than I would in my entire life, but I didn't realize it back then :) Anyway, I decided one day to try a spinning class. I had no idea what I was getting into. The male instructor got us going right when class started, and he barked directions just as I had imagined would happen. He didn't ask if anyone in the class was new. He didn't help with seat position. He didn't explain what cadence was. He didn't explain how far to turn resistance for hills. I was completely lost. I felt like a fish out of water, and I decided that spinning wasn't for me. Sad day.

Flash forward 7-8 years. Since we now have a family membership to the Y, I want to get my money's worth. That and become more active. I noticed there are quite a few spinning classes offered. That got me thinking about trying it again. Another influence on this decision is that my Aunt Chris and Uncle Johnny seem to love spinning. They even go to class together. How cute is that? One of my co-workers, Pat,  who is also trying to get into better shape mentioned that he wanted to try spinning after he lost some weight. I talked him into going with me. My last reason is my legs. Yep, my legs. I have ALWAYS wanted to reshape my legs. I know I will never have little skinny girl legs, but I know they can get better. So after considering all of my reasons, I knew it was time.

So three weeks ago Pat, his wife Beth (who is an experienced spinner), and I ventured into the Wednesday night spinning class at the Y. Chad is the instructor. He looks like Elliot from Law and Order SVU. I was intimidated. There were people with the special spinning shoes, biker shorts, and Chad even brought his own bike seat! I didn't know people did that. Chad noticed us when we walked in and asked if we had ever done spinning before. After we hadn't, he went through everything with us. He helped us set up our bikes in the correct positions, and he told us what our goals should be for the first class. It is amazing what a difference this was from my first spinning class! I was exhausted by the end of class, but I loved it. I can say that after three weeks...I am hooked.

I was especially proud this week when a couple of high school girls had to sit down and rest while I pedaled on. Who knows? Maybe I will become that person with the shoes and the shorts who everyone looks at and says, "Wow, she is hardcore." :)


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