Saturday, September 10, 2011

the perfect picture

Lilli started to really walk today. It is like she all of a sudden understood how to do it. I am working on getting some video of it. Pictures just won't do it justice.

Speaking of pictures...I find that I am always trying to get the "perfect" picture. Because of scrapbooking, I always try to get a great picture for the book. I have begun to realize that some of my favorite pictures are the unstaged ones. Or even the ones that I think won't look good, so I keep snapping. The 4th of July is a good example of this. I had both kiddos in red, white, and blue, so I though it was a great photo opp. I kept snapping but wasn't happy with the pics. Lilli kept trying to grab the camera, I couldn't get Caden to smile, one of them would look away... The list goes on. I finally gave up. When I went back and looked at the pics, I loved them! My favorite turned out to be one when Lilli almost grabbed the camera. What do you think?

 Caden was trying to get her to sit next to him for the pic. "Sit, Baby Girl."

Yes, she is falling off the couch. I caught her :)

I mean really, could they be any cuter? And look at that cute little squirt. Such a happy girl!


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