Friday, September 09, 2011

Lilli's stats compared to Caden's

Lilli's one year appointment was great. She is doing very well. I don't think I posted her stats from her 9 month check, so I will put those up here, too. Here are her numbers:

Lilli's 9 month stats         Appointment date 5/31/11

Height         27.5 inches           70th %tile
Weight        16.6 lbs                 10th %tile
Head           45.6 cm                 88th %tile

Here are a couple pics from that day:

                                                              Always happy until the shots :(

 Caden's 9 month stats                Appointment date 7/23/09

Height         29 inches           80th %tile

Weight        18.10 lbs            25th %tile

Head           46.8 cm              90th %tile

Here are a couple pics of the little man from that day:

Seriously. How cute are my children? I just want to pinch those little cheeks every time I see them!

Lilli's 12 month stats         Appointment date 8/29/11

Height         29.75 inches         70th %tile

Weight        19 lbs                    20th %tile

Head           46.5 cm                 90th %tile

Caden's 12 month stats         Appointment date 10/26/09

Height        30.5 inches         75th %tile

Weight        21 lbs                 25th %tile

Head           47.5 cm              80th %tile

 I am so lucky to have two very healthy kids. Not only is Lilli healthy, she is as happy as happy can be. She is constantly talking and babbling. Her words now include: mama, dada, baba, buh bye, more, wa (water), KK (Caden), hi (she says this constantly), Bumpah, Bentley (I swear she says it), and raspberry. Yes, she said raspberry Monday night. I am happy to say that Ryan witnessed this as well. It was after I explained to her that when Daddy blows on her tummy it is called a raspberry. She looked at me and said raspberry. What can I say? My kids are geniuses. :) She already says more than Caden did for a long time.

I will try to keep catching you up from things from the summer little by little.


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