Thursday, September 15, 2011

"I do not want to listen to you..."

"I do not want to listen to you..." This is a phrase I often hear come out of the mouth of my sometimes sassy little boy. The whole idea of listening (or not listening, which is the case many times) comes from visits to time-out I think. When he has to sit in time out, I always make him apologize before he gets up. He then has to also tell me what he did that got him to time-out. An example would be, "I am sorry, Mama. I jumped from the coffee table onto the couch. That is dangerous." Yes, this is a real example. Sometimes he goes to time out for not listening. I guess he heard that from me enough that now as he is walking to time-out he says, "I will listen..." It comes out more like, "I will yisen to you." I think he is finally realizing that just saying that will not get him out of sitting in time-out. He still has to serve the time.

I will end with a couple cute pics from the kids on a bike ride day. This was a couple weeks ago on a Wednesday. I took these on my phone, so they are not the greatest. But the kids still look super cute!
We only went up and down the street. Lilli wasn't digging wearing shoes that day.  :)

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