Thursday, September 22, 2011

Caden the photographer

My son LOVES to take pictures. I know he is mine, so I think everything he does is great...but really, he takes some nice pictures! Not perfect of course, but he seems to have an eye for picture composition. Here are some highlights from some of his pics. Notice he doesn't quite know how to use the flash. Remember, he isn't three yet!

 He likes taking pictures of his "friends."

 He got a pic of Bentley where you can actually see Bentley. Amazing...

 Shocking...Sassy in a reclined position :)

 I know I posted this one already, but I still LOVE that you can see him in my sunglasses!

This would be a GREAT picture if he would have had the flash on.

He is going to be a great photographer just like his Daddy :)


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