Tuesday, June 14, 2011

School's Out for Summer!

I was sooooo ready for summer to be here. The last two days have been bliss. The weather has been perfect, and the kids and I have been taking advantage of every second!

Monday we played in the yard in the early morning:


After that we headed to Little Oshkosh for some fun around 11ish. We called to see if Linda could bring Adin to play with Caden, and we were in luck. I think the boys had a good time.

Here are the boys taking a break with a snack:

Lilli rested, too:

Lilli liked the bouncy dinosaur seat.


We then met Aunt Lexie at McDonald's for lunch. Caden was bummed out that the remodel of the McDonald's removed the Playland, but I think he still had a good time.

This morning Caden was funny while I was making breakfast. He was playing with his toy drill, so I asked him to fix our oven. He looked at me and said, "There are not screws." So I told him to fix the staircase. He said, "There are no screws there either." Who knew that he knew how to correctly use the word either. 

Caden REALLY wanted to get dirty, so we went to Bumpah and Grandma's to play in the sand for awhile. We then went with Grandma and met Dada for lunch at Fratello's. Again...the weather could not have been better! We ate outside, and Caden was well-behaved. :)

We ran to Appleton to pick something up, and then we headed back to Oshkosh. I wanted to head home right away, but Caden was not ready. As he said when I asked him if we could leave: "Not yet." We played there a little more, and then we came home. We played some more in the backyard on the swing set. Both kids adore to swing. I love it, too. They both have looks of complete joy on their faces when they are swinging. It is too sweet. Caden also wanted to play on the "pirate ship" a.k.a our hammock. He loves climbing on their on looking for other ships. My favorite was the morning of June 4th. We were playing outside and he wanted me to get into the hammock with him. So Lilli and I got into the pirate ship. He asked me for a telescope, so I pretended to hand one to him. He said, "Nope, no pirates." Then I told him to look for Captain Hook. He said, "Aye aye Captain Mama." I laughed my butt off.

Tonight for dinner Lilli had some Gerber spaghetti. She LOVES it. Caden never liked that. It looks like she and the spaghetti battled, and the spaghetti won!

I will leave you with some pics from before. Here is a funny one of Lilli. Ryan put her on the chair. Turned around for one second and she conked out.

Caden is my little baker. He loves to help me cook. When I ask if he wants to help me cook he runs to get his apron. Here he is making some muffins. He put the package of mix in the grocery cart when we went shopping on day. He did a great job.

He even watched them baking in the oven.

Lilli loved the final product, too!


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