Thursday, June 09, 2011


Just a quick note to say I haven't forgotten about the blog. I have been extremely busy. Today was the last day with students, so I should have more time on my hands starting this weekend. Look for a long update tomorrow!

Here are a couple pics to hold you over:

Caden helping me water:

Lilli on the boat with Aunt Chris not looking too comfortable:

Caden washing the house. (Can you tell he likes the water?):

Lilli browsing my magazines:

Here are a couple of videos. The first is Lilli with Daddy on the hammock in the backyard, and the second is Caden with Daddy on a spinner at a playground.



Alexis said...

yeah! I've missed the blog! Especially when I'm not able to get over and see the kids.

Diane said...

too funny thank you for updates