Wednesday, April 06, 2011

no more nuk!!!

Yesterday was a big day here. Caden threw away his nuk. Of course it took some bribery on my part, but he threw it away. In exchange for being a "big boy," I told him that we would get him a bike. After he threw it away he asked for it once last night, but we kept reminding him about the bike. He wanted a "tiny red bike." He asked for it once today, but he went without it. At bedtime tonight he didn't even ask for it. To reward him we went to Fleet Farm after dinner to pick up his new bike. Here is a pic:

Last weekend Ryan had to fix the locking mechanism on the sliding door. Caden decided he needed to help with all of his Handy Manny tools. Here is a video that Ryan got:

Lilli pretty much watches Caden all of the time and smiles at him. She is a rolling fool now, so I will have to get a video of that. I do have this super cute shot of her modeling my sunglasses:

I laugh every time I see the pic.

I will try to get some more pics on later this week!



Diane said...

that is darling .caden will be a fix it man .kepp the pics comming really enjoy them

Diane said...


Stephanie said...

Is that the retro Radio Flyer? If it is, Alex has the same one.

The Ames Family said...

Thank you, Aunt Diane.

Yes, it is Stephanie. He LOVES it! You should send me a pic of Alex on his so I can show Caden. He would think that is pretty cool. Going to be in our region of the country anytime?? :)