Wednesday, March 23, 2011

snow go away!

I thought I would update the blog while we were on vacation in Florida...that obviously did not happen! We were too busy soaking up the beautiful sun and weather. It was a great break from this Wisconsin weather.

This week proved to me how ready I am for the snow to finally end. Monday wasn't too bad since the temp was around 51, but the rest of the week has been horrible. It was capped off by the rain, snow, sleet, hail, thunder and lightning from yesterday. Yes...we had all of them. Yikes! It made for slow going to school this morning.

I would like to think back to last week in Florida... But before that I will fill you in on what else has happened. Caden had a haircut on Friday, March 11th. After the cut he had a sucker for the first time. He loved it:

I told him then that he could have another when we were on the airplane.  He remembered this well.

Saturday was Andrew's 2nd birthday party. It was a train theme. It was a nice time and the kids had a great time. Here is a video Ryan got on his phone of Caden and Andrew playing on the bed in the nursery after everyone left:

Sunday we left for Florida. We flew out of Milwaukee in the afternoon. It was a direct flight on Frontier airlines. I have decided that no matter the price, we will always take non-stop flights. The kids did a great job on the flight there. I was a little nervous because, well, who wouldn't be? A 2 1/2 and 6 month old on a plane? That could spell disaster. Both were great. The iPad made things a lot easier, too. Caden loved being able to watch "Snow White."

Food also helped. He immediately got in his seat, got his belt on, and said "sucker, please." We probably gave him a few too many. Here are some pics from the plane:

Lilli slept most of the time. :)

The rest of the week was great. Here is an overview. Danny and Sam were there already. They got there on the 10th and stayed until the 16th.

Monday we went to John's Pass. Here are some pics:

 Bubba Gump's for lunch

Hanging with Uncle Danny

 A huge wing by the Hooters restaurant

 Happy family!

Right before Caden got out of the hurricane simulator.


Tuesday was Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa:



 Trying sherbet for the first time. BIG fan :)

Wednesday we took Danny and Sam to the airport. We then went to the park and hung out there for awhile. We also bought a blow up pool for the kids.


Thursday my mom took off of work, so we went to the park, went out to eat lunch, and hung around the house. Here is Caden on a walk at the park. He was using his "binoculars" to look for things:

Caden was hilarious at lunch. He was getting a little squirrely while we waited for our food, so we asked him if he wanted to watch something on Ryan's phone. He said, "No watch Snow White on Dada's phone. Dede watch Snow White on iPad." We all laughed pretty hard about that.

Friday we went to the beach at Tarpon Springs. Caden LOVED it:

Lilli...not so much:

Saturday was the day we flew back to WI, but our flight wasn't until 7 pm, so we basically had another day. We got in some more park and also pool time. Caden loved "fishing" in the swimming pool. Here are some pics:

Lilli didn't like the pool either...
The flight home wasn't as great as on the way there. One reason was because we knew we were going back to the cold. The other was that Caden had a meltdown for about 5 minutes during the descent. He was freaking out because he wanted Ryan to hold him. He didn't quite grasp the needing to stay in your seat belted part. We made it though! :)

The rest of the time since we have been back has been great except the weather. Tomorrow I am hoping to get Lilli in for her immunizations that she couldn't get since she was sick before. I still have the same cold I have been trying to kick for two weeks now. I still can't smell. Sometimes that is good, sometimes not so much.

I will leave you with a couple pics that are too cute:


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The Josephs Family said...

What did Caden think about the hurricane simulator? I remember the picture from last year with your hair blowing... Did he like it or not so much? Glad you guys had a fun time!!