Tuesday, March 08, 2011

sick kiddos

Well, we have a bout of the common cold running through our house. As of now, Ryan and I have somehow managed to avoid it. Caden was hit pretty hard at the end of last week through the weekend. It is truly amazing how much snot one little kid can produce! I know that is gross, but it was impressive! I would have taken a pic of it had that not been really gross to do. Lilli now has the cold, too. She had a pretty bad cough through the weekend, but she was draining at all. That changed yesterday. Now the little squirt has a runny nose, too. Because of it both have been pretty snuggly. I don't like that they are sick, but I love the snuggles. Here is a pic from last night after I got home:


Last week Ryan had to go out of town for business from Wednesday through late Saturday night. It was pretty tough, but I managed. I am very grateful that I am not a single mom, plus I have so much family here to help me out. Ryan missed the kids a ton, so I tried to send pics when I could. Here are some of the highlights:

Caden asked for Mickey Mouse pancakes Saturday morning.

This was pretty typical sick Caden. The pic doesn't really do justice to his sad eyes... :(

How is this child always happy?
The lighting is horrible because Caden said, "Light too bright." If you look they are holding hands.

This is a very blurry pic, but look at that face! Love it!!!

 Another sick Caden pic.

 Caden talking to Uncle Danny while he cooks.

Last Tuesday was supposed to be Lilli's 6 month check, but the appointment got canceled. I didn't find this out until I got all the way there. I went to check in and the receptionist said, "Your appointment was canceled. Didn't you get the message?" I wanted to respond in a very sassy manner, but I didn't. I did say, "Well, I guess I didn't since I am here." Here is a pic of Lilli in the elevator going back down after I found out she didn't have her appointment that day.


Her appointment was rescheduled to today at 5:30.
Here are her stats:

Weight: 14 lbs      10th percentile
Height:  25   cm    24th percentile
Head:    43.5 cm   72nd percentile

Here are a couple pics from the visit:

Waiting after the nurse took Lilli's stats.

Look at the cutie! Even with her tummy getting pushed, she was still pretty happy.

Tonight I need to do some grading, and then the rest of the week I need to focus on getting ready to go to Florida. We leave this Sunday. Yikes!

Lots to do...lots to do...

I will leave you with a pic of Lilli sitting by herself like a big girl:



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