Monday, February 28, 2011


Hello, all! Well I am back from a weekend of scrapbooking with some great friends. I am well-rested (pretty much) and I had a great time. I know I owe some information about the last two weeks, so here goes!

On Feb. 13th I had a scrapping day for my birthday (two days early). It was so much fun. Pam and Linda did so much work preparing for the day. They designed cards and different goodies for everyone to make. The food was awesome, too. I LOVED the carrot cake from LaSure's. Yum! It was a great time for everyone, and the hand and neck massages didn't hurt either! I also got a Vagabond. This machine is unbelievable. Click on the link back there to see what it is. I will be using that little bad boy quite a bit!

Here is a pic from my birthday:

Yes, Lilli is crying. Take a look at the pic and you can see the little tear by her eye. Sad, but still so cute!

Saturday, the 19th was a fun day. We took Caden to see Disney on Ice: Mickey and Minnie's Magical Adventure. He had a good time. Here are some pics:

He was pretty tired by the end!

Every time Mickey would leave the ice Caden would say, "Mickey come back." It was really cute.

Speaking of cute, Caden has also started to say when I get home, "Momma, I miss you too much." It melts my heart every time. I love it!

Lilli has earned the nickname Peach Fuzz. Look at her fuzzy little head.

Caden never had the fine hair like she has all over. It is so soft. I love that little head!

It is has been kinda crazy in the political world in Wisconsin. Kinda sucks being a teacher right now. I just keep hoping that the saying, "This too shall pass," will ring true in this case, too...

One thing that made me feel a little better was the students in our high school had a sit-in to show their support for the teachers. They put signs all around the school. They also wrote notes and put them up on in our rooms. The best part was when they took the time to come up to us to say "thank you." It meant a lot.

I will see if I can get some pics from my birthday scrap day and also from this past weekend. I will put them on later. I hope.

I will leave you with a couple pics of Caden and Andrew playing and Grandma and Bumpah's house. Love them!


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