Monday, February 07, 2011


GO PACK GO!!!  GO PACK GO!!!  GO PACK GO!!!  GO PACK GO!!! GO PACK GO!!! I'll get back to this topic later.
I think I have finally figured out how I will get my post done on a more regular basis. Let's see if it works!

Where to start... The last time I updated was Jan. 18th, so quite a bit has happened since then. The biggest thing, of course, was Ryan's surprise 30th birthday party. That was Saturday, Jan. 22nd. I was say that I think I REALLY got him. He was pretty clueless. Like I told everyone who asked, he was way too busy to notice anything. Plus I guess I am a pretty good liar. :)  Here are some of the highlights:

 Here he is when he first walks in
 Yes, it is a surprise for you!!!

 Check out that YUMMY cake. I think I was more excited about it than he was.

The best band EVER. Who knew that a band of eye doctors could be so cool?
 Even the kiddos had fun. Check out the setup they had!

Catching up with high school friends.
 Finding time for a little dance.

 How did I get lucky enough to snag this guy?

Having a good time.

He had a great time. Plus I don't think he will need to buy any wine for quite a long time.

Sunday was a good day as well because the Packers played the Bears for the NFC Championship. As everyone knows, they won! It was a great game. We had plenty of food still from the party, so we were set.

The kids had a great time visiting with Oma and Papa, who were in town for Ryan's party. Ryan thought it was so they could help Dave with some improvements to the duplex. After he knew the real reason he said that made a lot more sense!  I need to snag some pics from my mom that she took.

The week of the 24th was pretty good. Alexis and I are still working out, but not always in the morning. I found it was just taking too much out of me. I was dragging, so we decided working out every morning just wasn't okay. We are now working out two mornings a week. The other days are at night. Much better:)

Friday the 28th we had dinner with Ron and Jody Harrell. Mr. Harrell was our English/Mass Media/Journalism teacher in high school. We had a really nice time. I made Jambalaya and cornbread. We had a great time. It was nice to catch up with them. We promised we wouldn't let as much time pass between dinners as it did this last time. The last time we got together was before I had Caden. Yep. Too long.

Saturday the 29th, Ryan's real birthday, we really didn't do anything. That was exactly what Ryan wanted. He just bummed around the house with the kids and me:

We made dinner at home and watched a documentary about Oshkosh. Yep, we are exciting people. We had Shrimp Diablo. It was pretty spicy!

Last week was a great week, too. Last Monday Lilli had a vegetable for the first time. She had peas. She loved them:

My girl loves to eat. Since this picture she has also tried sweet potatoes and green beans. She loved those as well, too. She is an eating machine.
Here are a couple other cute pics:

First time in the exersaucer


Strong girl!

Saturday was a great day. The kids both woke up early. Of course that wasn't the great part. My wonderful husband let me go back to bed after breakfast at 8:30 for a half hour. I woke back up around 10:30! I felt so rested! Thank you, Ryan!

Daddy and the kiddos on Saturday.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!! Sunday was the day the Packers won the Super Bowl!!! Yay!!! Even Lilli enjoyed watching the game:


It was a great night! Caden even made up a new game. He turns his chair upside down and has people spin him around. Yes, he is wearing a helmet. Safety first. He wanted everyone to keep spinning him. We had to eat, so there had to be some spinning breaks. He asked me to spin him and I told him I was eating and to ask Alexis. He put his head down and in the saddest voice said, "She will say no..." It was so cute and sad at the same time. He had a great time. A dizzy time...but a great time.


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