Tuesday, January 04, 2011

cereal time and Caden's movie date

We decided to try some rice cereal with Lilli tonight. She has shown all of the signs of being ready, so tonight was the night. She did very well...very messy...but very well. She seemed to really like it. We tried it pretty thin at first, but she ended up seeming to like it better thickened more. Here are some pics:

Ryan also got a little video with his phone. Look at her go!

She got so mad if I didn't shovel fast enough. Silly girl!

I also wanted to put the CUTEST pic from New Year's Eve. Sara and Mike were in town with the kiddos. Caden and Maddie got along very well. Not as well when he was trying to hug her, which is more like a tackle, but when he wasn't hugging all was well. Maddie had the movie "Despicable Me," which Caden has been wanting to see. Here they are watching the movie:

They are sitting on Adin's little Mickey couch. It was folded out to make a little bed. They are even under the covers. How cute are they?! I love it!


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