Wednesday, November 17, 2010

time for catch up

Sorry again that I didn't update last night. Once more I was too tired. I will attempt now to catch up up from last Thursday on.

Last Thursday night was the Oshkosh Holiday Parade. Since Northshore had a float, Caden and I rode on the truck pulling the float so we could wave at the people. Caden had a great time:

Here is the cute pic of Ryan with the kids that I told you about last week:

Friday I left at noon to go for my scrapping weekend. It was so nice to get away. I missed the kids and Ryan a ton, but it was nice to have "mommy time." I need to figure out how to still find time when I go back to work....which is next week...gulp. Here is a pic of what the large scrapping room looked like:

It was nice also that Ryan sent me pics of the kids. Look at this cute one:

Monday the kids and I had a nice day. I built a fort for Caden out of some blankets in the living room. He thought it was pretty cool. He has had me rebuild it every day since:

Tuesday Lilli and I had lots of snuggle time since Caden was with Grandma. I need to get as much while I can. While I was making dinner Ryan was with the kids. This is what I saw when I went into the living room. Too cute:

Today Lilli and I met Daddy for lunch. She was a little fussy, so Daddy scooped her right up and she was fine. She just wanted some love:

I can't believe she is already going to be three months old next week! Look how big she is already:

Cuter than ever!


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