Monday, November 08, 2010

new toys and preparing for the weekend

There was a lot of playing in our house today. We played with playdoh, the toy kitchen, drew with crayons (and Mommy's pen), and we also brought out some of Caden's new toys from his birthday. Since he got so much, I didn't let him open it all at once. And at his age, if you put it away in a different closet he forgets about it! So today we took out two new toys. Here he is playing with his new car that is really a tool box.


He loves it because in order to open the tool compartment, you need to use a little key that comes with it.

He napped pretty well today, so that gave me some time to prep for this coming weekend. I will be going on a scrapping retreat. I will leave Friday around noon and get back on Sunday early afternoon. I am so excited! I have been designing some of the layouts I will be putting together. My goal is to get all of Caden's 2nd year scrapbook finished. Considering I only have two of the pages done, this will be a miracle. I also want to try to get Lilli's scrapbook done up through this point. In order to keep it up, I plan to start scrapping every Sunday for one hour. I don't know how long that will last.

After Caden woke up he had fun sitting with his sister. I tried to get a picture with both of them, but Caden would swoop in and then pull out of the picture again. Lilli thought he was pretty funny. She was smiling and swinging her hand:

The rest of the evening was fun. Caden was happy because Alexis came over. He enjoyed trying some of her tea:

Caden was pretty talkative today. He started saying "yes" clearly today. It went from "uh huh" to "ya" and now it is "yes." I gotta admit that I kinda miss the "uh huh." He is growing up very quickly.


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