Wednesday, November 03, 2010

high school and Daddy's work

Lilli and I were at school today for around 5 hours. I wanted to be part of a meeting about the future changes of the charter school at the high school. Lilli was a very good girl. She slept most of the time. It was great getting to see everyone. A special thank you to Sue V. who watched Lilli all of 3rd hour, and Christine while I did a lunch run. Lilli seemed pretty content with both of them.

I picked Caden up once we got back to Oshkosh, and then we met up with Daddy, Grandma, and Bumpah for an early dinner at the Chalice. That was right about when Caden became possessed and our sweet little boy disappeared. He was NOT happy at the restaurant. He didn't want to sit, he didn't want to eat... Pretty much anything associated with a restaurant he wanted none of at all. Eventually he calmed down, but it took awhile to get there.

After dinner Caden went back home with Grandma, while Lilli and I went to the office so Ryan could try to fit me with ortho-k lenses. They are contacts you wear at night while you sleep, and then during the day you don't have to wear glasses or contacts. Pretty cool. Lilli seemed kinda bored with the entire process:

We got home after bedtime, but Caden started saying "eat" when we put him in bed. I didn't want him to go to bed hungry, so we took him downstairs for a snack. He decided he wanted to eat one of mommy's yogurts.



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