Wednesday, November 10, 2010

headache, sleepy Caden, smiley Lilli...again :)

Sorry again for no post last night. I had a massive headache. I took some medication before I went to bed, and luckily it was gone when I woke up. Here is a too cute pic that Grandma took of Caden while they were spending time together. He was pretty tired, so he fell asleep in the cardboard train that Bumpah made for the holiday parade tomorrow.

I have a cute of pic of Ryan on the couch with both kiddos, but I'm too lazy to hook my camera up to my computer. I will post that pic tomorrow. I do have a super cute pic of Lilli with her Daddy tonight. And of course, like normal, she is smiling:

I love it!

The other highlight, I guess it would really be a low light, was during Caden's bath time. For the first time, and I hope the last time, Caden pooped in the bathtub!!! How disgusting is that??? Needless to say there was plenty of bleach used tonight. I scrubbed the tub down with bleach cleaner, and Ryan is dumping the bleach water out of the container with the toys as I type. Oh well! It was bound to happen sometime. I just hope there is no encore performance. Yuck!



Diane said...

lol!! that is parent hood :)

Diane said...

barbie you probably had a headache due to the bleach you used for the tub .be careful when using bleach it can kill you love you

Alexis said...

You were probably stressing out because of all you want to get done before you leave. Glad the headache is gone! Can't wait for tomorrow!