Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas time is here!

The last couple days have been pretty busy. Since it was Widow's Weekend, I went craft shopping yesterday pretty much all day. It was a good time. Friday night was Game Night, so I didn't go to bed until pretty late. I was too tired to update the blog.

Friday morning kinda stunk because I found out that I didn't pass my National Boards. Of course I was disappointed, but that's okay. I already signed up to redo the one part. I made the mistake of submitting a unique large group lesson, and they obviously wanted a more traditional lesson. I was very close. I am happy that I only have to redo one part. I think I will be able to complete it by Christmas. The bad part is that I won't find out if I pass until November of 2011. Yes, 2011. That stinks!!! Oh well...

Today I went out Christmas shopping with Alexis. I only have a couple more gifts to get. I think I will be completely done tomorrow. I still need to do some wrapping tonight. My goal is to have everything done before I go back to school. Which is Wednesday!!! Yikes!!! Wish me luck!

Pics to come tomorrow!


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