Sunday, October 17, 2010

still sick Caden...time with Daddy

This weekend was wonderful! The weirdest part is that we didn't do anything. Since Caden is sick, we didn't do anything that we had planned. Yesterday started out great because I had some mommy time and went to the Carl Traeger craft fair and then Toy Land at Fleet Farm with Pam. I got almost all of my Christmas shopping done for all of the little ones in our lives. And there are many of them! We then went to lunch and went car shopping...wait...not shopping. Yes, we have reached that point in our lives where a larger family vehicle is necessary. We have narrowed it down to three of them, so I am sure we will be making the decision in the next week. I will post some pics.

Yesterday Ryan also successfully gave Lilli a bottle. She sucked the entire thing down! Caden hated the bottle, but Lilli seems to not mind it as much. Here is a shot:

Caden was feeling better yesterday, but was and still is very congested. We have decided it is just a bad cold, not croup. It is still all hands on deck today if he sneezes, but he does seem to be better. He was funny today when he was "changing" Baby Mickey. He even tried to put a diaper on him today. I went to get the camera, but he was already onto his next activity.

Tonight was bath night for both kids, so I got this shot of Lilli. Look how big she looks!

I wish I could post of pic of "Naked Caden." Every night before he takes a bath he likes to run around naked. He usually squats of few times and occasionally does leg lifts. It is HILARIOUS! My favorite part of bath night every time!


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