Saturday, October 16, 2010

sick Caden

There was a change of plans this morning after Caden woke up. Originally I was supposed to go to a school in West De Pere to see how they are doing Project Based Learning, but once I realized Caden was sick I couldn't go. I would have felt too guilty leaving him. We thought it was croup again. It is that unmistakable cough, but now I'm not too sure. I think it may just be a cold with a nasty cough. He was pretty tired and clingy this morning. A little snuggler. I don't like him being sick, but I LOVE the snuggling. When Ryan got home at lunch time this is what he saw:

Lilli had fallen asleep while I was holding her, and Caden crawled up and we were watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I'm not sure when he fell asleep. I was stroking his head and something funny happened on the show where he normally would love or react in someway. When he didn't I looked and noticed he was asleep. The bad part was that the remote was across the room, so I got to continue watching Disney while both kiddos slept!

He felt much better in the afternoon. So much in fact that he was cooking. Check out what he decided to cook in his microwave.

Alexis came over tonight, and after the kids were in bed we went downstairs and scrapped for a few hours. We obviously had to cancel Game Night since we didn't want Typhoid Caden to infect Mads or Nathan. The night still turned out well since I got some scrapping done. It was wonderful. I got two pages done, and we may do a little more Sunday night. We'll see!


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