Thursday, October 21, 2010

more shots...

Lilli was back at the doctor today to get the other immunizations she didn't get at her 6 week check. I am doing the alternate immunizations schedule with her just like I did with Caden. She was supposed to go in last week, but the time escaped me, so she went today. I can't believe she is two months old today! She was NOT happy when she got her two shots. They were really busy, so there wasn't an extra nurse to come to give her the second shot at the same time. It was so sad. She was crying so hard that I held her for quite a bit afterward. I also hate it that they put the worst bandaids on the kids. I swear they are like duct tape. Caden would always cry again when I had to take them off. Here is a pic of Lilli right before I took them off of her legs and gave her a bath.

She as a brave girl. She didn't even cry.

Caden was a little crabby when he got home. He spent the day with Grandma while Mommy worked on things for his party this weekend. He has been getting frustrated because he constantly wants to play with water, but I don't want him to always make a mess and get wet. You can see my problem... He ended up being fine. He was goofy and walking around in my tennis shoes for awhile. He was ready for bed right at 8. I need to take a picture of him brushing his teeth tomorrow night. He stands on his little stool at the sink and keeps saying his name so I know that he can brush his teeth by himself. Usually we do it first and then Caden finishes it off.

We are all looking forward to Daddy coming home tomorrow night. He has been gone since Tuesday. He is in Illinois for some continuing education. He won't make it in time to tuck the kids in, but I know Caden will be thrilled to see him Saturday morning when he wakes up.


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