Monday, October 18, 2010

Lipstick mayhem and super cute Lilli

Today was yet another trip to the chiropractor. I am still having problems with my lower back. I will be going back on Wednesday, too. Lucky me! While I was there Grandma and Bumpah came over to watch the two little squirts. Grandma didn't realize her purse was on the ground, and little man knew there were fun things in there. This is what happened...

Yes, it looks like my son was a victim in one of those slasher movies. He found her tinted chapstick and decided he needed to wear it. He seemed to be pretty proud of his work. It was pretty funny. You can't tell, but he is saying "cheese" while I shot the pic.

Lilli looked on to her brother's foolishness styling in her super cute pink rabbit outfit with matching hat.

The rest of the day consisted of Caden taking a long nap (over three hours), and then playing with almost all of his toys. His favorite toy today...our vacuum cleaner. He played with that on and off all day. Each time I tried to put it away, he would say "more vac."

His cold is a little better than yesterday, but he still isn't 100%. Unfortunately, there will be no gymnastics class for the little guy tomorrow. He will still have a good day since he will be spending some quality time with Grandma.


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