Friday, October 08, 2010

I get cracked and off to the mall we go

My back has been killing me. I get a searing pain in my lower right side. I have been meaning to go to the chiropractor for awhile now. I finally went today. It was heavenly. At the time when I was getting the adjustment, not going to lie, kinda hurt. But once she had adjusted me and sent me to get therapy--nice! It was great. Let's see how I feel tomorrow.

While I was getting adjusted Caden and Lilli were home with Grandma. After I got home we headed to Appleton to go to the mall. Originally we were going to have lunch at Chipotle, but thanks to some construction it was too much of a pain to get over there. We ended up just eating at the mall. Caden wanted McDonalds of course. I asked him if he wanted chicken or a cheeseburger. His response: "fries." I told him I knew he wanted fries, but I needed to know if he wanted a burger or chicken. "Fries." Well, the boy knows what he wants.

As a treat I rented one of those car stroller things at the mall. Caden thought he was pretty cool in it:

We went into a store called 8's I think. It was really cute. It was similar to Janie and Jack, but not as expensive. I bought Caden a really cute long sleeve shirt and puffy vest to go with it.

Lilli slept most of the time in the mall. Here she is:

Tomorrow will most likely be a pretty photo heavy post since we are heading to the Little Farmer. I am excited!


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