Sunday, October 24, 2010

fun at the park, trunk-or-treat, and Caden's birthday party

I know it has been a few days since I have last updated, but I've been a little busy getting ready for Caden's birthday party. I had to finish the bags for the kids, for example. Here is what they look like:

I cut out the letters on my Cricut using the Mickey Font cartridge. I filled them with a Mickey ball, Mickey bubbles, Mickey and Minnie maracas, a Mickey coloring book, crayons, a Mickey party blower, Mickey Stickers, and of course the Mickey ears I made:

After I put the bags together I realized I probably got more than was needed. :) Oh well...

Let me catch you up with the past few days I've missed!

Friday: This was a very happy day for me because Ryan came back Friday night. Yay! It was after the kiddos were sleeping, but I was still happy when I woke up that day. Since the weather was so nice Grandma and Bumpah decided to come over and take the little guy to the park down the street from us. I stayed behind with Lilli since she was sleeping.  Here is a pic of her sleeping earlier during the day Friday:

About two minutes after they left I regretted not going, so I put Lilli in her stroller and we headed down to meet them. I was glad I did. I loved getting to play with Caden outside. Here are some pics from out time at the park.


After playing we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. Caden was entertained almost the entire time by a dime. He found it in the coin return and had a blast putting back into the slot and having it drop down. He clapped when it came out.

Saturday: It was a great day for Caden because Daddy was home. We had a lazy morning and he had fun snuggling in bed with both of us when he woke up. After he woke up from his nap we headed to Aunt Linda and Uncle Jay's church so Caden and Lilli could "trunk-or-treat." Luckily it stopped raining, so the kids were able to go outside. We got to have fun with cousin Adin, too. Here are some pics:

As you can see, Caden is a monkey and Lilli is a banana. Caden ended up being the same monkey that Maddie Aulizia was last year. It was be too cute to get the two of them together in their outfits. Lilli slept almost the entire time Caden collected his candy. We didn't get any for her. We will also most likely add most of Caden's to our bowl of candy we hand out on Halloween. Little Guy doesn't need that much sugar!

Today was Caden's birthday party. When he got back from church we showed him the present from Mommy and Daddy. We got him a kitchen. He loved it!

I think he had a really good time at his party, too. I tried to start it early enough taking into consideration that he would need a nap. There is no way to perfectly plan anything when you are dealing with a toddler. He did great until we hit time to open presents. He made it through most of them but them was just too tired to go on. Mommy finished opening for him!

We had a packed house. Including us and all of the kids, there were 34 people here. Here are some more pics.

Of course Caden loved the cake. I made a Mickey Mouse cake.



So did Andrew.

Let's take a look back to his first birthday:

Yep, he loved cake then, too.

It was a good day.

Lilli even rocked some Mickey clothes. I ironed on that Mickey head this morning onto a long-sleeved onesie:

I plan to post some old pics tomorrow. As I was uploading the pics from our small camera today, I noticed there were some old pics on that camera that I have never uploaded. Some super cute ones of Caden during the summer of last year. Mindi will especially love them!

Night! And here is Caden offering you his nuk:

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