Saturday, October 02, 2010

the family gets here

Today was a pretty busy day. Aunt Chris, Uncle Johnny, and Jill arrived around 3:30. They are staying the night and then heading back to Ohio with Grammie in the morning. They came bearing gifts. Of course Lilli got an adorable outfit, and Caden was thrilled with a Handy Manny tool box. It is the one that has the tools sing the "Hop Up Jump In" song. It is quite loud. Thank you very much Aunt Chris! :)
Caden was a big fan of the Garrett popcorn that they brought for us. Here he is enjoying some of it:


We went to Fratellos for dinner. I forgot to take a picture of the group. Pam, Dick, and Danny joined us. It took forever since a couple area schools had Homecoming tonight.

After dinner Ryan headed to the office with Aunt Chris, Uncle Johnny, and Jill. Grammie and I headed home to get the kids into bed. Lilli got some extra snuggle time with Grammie:



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