Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Disney pancakes...more pics

I ordered a Disney cooker to use to make pancakes for Caden from LTD. It came yesterday. So that meant Mickey character pancakes for breakfast. They were a hit! He also said "syrup" very clearly this morning. It can also be used basically for anything that has batter. I also read that I can make him eggs in it.

Lilli and I headed back to Thompson for some more pics today. They got some really cute ones. I also got to take a look at the pics from last Friday. Oh My Goodness... I can't wait to show you those pics. I think Caden may have been a model in another life. He is just too cute! Ryan and I need to look at the pics together to select which we will be ordering. Lilli and I are going back one more time next Tuesday. They have a few more new props that they want to try. Since she is such a cutie, they want her to be their little model. They are going to throw in some free pics for it. That works for me!

When I was changing Lilli's diaper this evening she started trying to roll over on the changing table. I tried to get a pic to show how far she could get over, but I wasn't too successful. Again, not too fond of the idea that she may be an early mover. I will REALLY have my hands full :)


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