Monday, October 04, 2010

day one alone

This morning was pretty smooth. The main reason it was happened to be luck for me. Ryan didn't have his first patient in Omro until 10, so he was there to help get the kiddos ready. He left around 9, and after that I think I did pretty well. It helps A LOT that Lilli was great. She was a sleepy little girl who was pretty happy in her little bouncer. I discovered that if I tucked her in with the blanket she snuggled in and took a snooze. I was able to play with Caden then, and I even did some laundry! Here's what she looked liked:

Tomorrow I will be getting up early ( I am thinking around 6), so that I have a little head start before Caden is up. Since I shower at night it will give me the time to get dressed, do my hair, and maybe have a little ME time. Sounds nice...

I realized that I never posted the pics that I said I would of our new trees (I have a pic of one of them) and the outdoor fall decorations. Here they are:

Our Maple in the front

The few leaves it has are beautiful

A view from the sidewalk

My bale of straw--I still want to add a couple baskets of mums

My fall ladder decor I got at a craft fair last year or the year before

I need to put the wreath back up that I made. I want to have it on the screen door. I'll work on that later.

Lilli made the move from Newborn diapers to size 1 today. The Newborn size still fits her, but I didn't want to buy another big box just to be able to use half the box. The size 1 just need to be closed with the tabs overlapping just a tad.

I will leave you with a couple of pics from tonight when Lilli was working on some tummy time. Caden likes being a focal point for her. He loves his sister.


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