Monday, October 11, 2010

bye bye newborn outfits!

I think today will probably be one of the last days that Lilli can wear newborn size outfits. They fit her almost too well. At least the one piece sleepers. I tried to get a pic of her stretched out on our bed with my phone to show how the sleepers fit her. This is the best I could get:

I also got this cutie close-up pic of her face:

Caden got his hair cut tonight (thank you Catie Graff) and looks super cute. His was a little crabby when we went to get the camera, so I will have to get a shot tomorrow. I will also post tomorrow about Caden's word explosion in the last two days. I didn't know he knew the word "bruise," and when he was looking for Daddy's car out the window I told him Daddy wasn't home yet. He looked at me and said "soon." It was really cute.


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