Thursday, October 07, 2010

6 week appointment for Lilli

It is hard to believe that Lilli is already 6 weeks old. She had her appointment today complete with shots. Well, I should say shot. She got one shot today and the oral medicine. She will get the other two next week. She did very well. Here are her stats:

Length: 21 1/2 inches      48%
Weight: 9 pounds    26%
Head Circumference: 36.5 cm 20%

Dr. Johnson said she is doing great. She is right where she should be with everything. Here she is getting her temperature taken:

Caden spent time with Grandma today. He played barefoot in the sand and didn't even mind getting his feet dirty. I am glad he got to enjoy the weather. It was beautiful today. 

Since this weekend is going to be just as nice, we are planning to take the kids to the Little Farmer on Saturday. It is an orchard and farm market. I think Caden will have a nice time based upon what I've heard about it. The temperature is supposed to hit around 76, so it should be great. I am sure I will have a TON of pics.

Speaking of pics, I am having a little bit of mental block. I am going to have a scrapbook of Lilli's first year, just like I have for Caden. I also have a book for Caden's second year. The problem is now that both kiddos will be in most pics. Do I switch to a scrapbook that has pics of both kids? I would still have one for Lilli's first year with all of her firsts. Hmmm... I'm not sure. I will have to check with my friend Jessica (Schim) Turner. She is really into scrapping, so maybe she will have the answer.

Here are a couple pics that Ryan took of Caden earlier this week. He said Caden can be the new "eTrade" baby:

I love his feet in this shot!

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