Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tummy time

Lilli had some tummy time when Grammie and I got back from the mall. We ventured up to Appleton today for lunch and some shopping. We had a good time. Here is Lilli working on tummy time. Unlike Caden, she doesn't seem to mind it. He wasn't a big fan.

The disturbing part was that she was already scooting forward by pushing her legs. That is why she is up to far on the little pillow. I pulled her back a few times, but she kept inching up. I don't remember Caden doing that at not even quite three weeks old. I was counting on her being stationary for awhile, so I am crossing my fingers that the scooting is not an indicator that she is going to be an earlier mover, crawler, walker... I would still like some more time before I have two kiddos on the move.

Caden was back to his normal self at Kelly's today. She said he wasn't so quite like last week. Here is the picture that she texted to me:

That made me happy.

Caden also wanted to hold Lilli again tonight. Alexis got this pic. He is giving me the "Back off, Mom. I can hold her by myself" look.

Love them!


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