Thursday, September 30, 2010

pretty shoes and preparing for pics

Tomorrow morning we are having pics taken. We are getting our family pic, Lilli's pics, and Caden's 2 year pics. I am hoping since we are going at 10:30 that Caden will be in good spirits. Cross your fingers for me! It was really hard trying to find something for Lilli to wear. We decided that we are going to all wear black, red, and white. Did I mention that Grammie is going to be in some of the pics, too? Well, she is. She wasn't too happy about that when I first told her, but I think she is okay with it now. I will put pics on the blog as soon as we have them of course. I will also do my best to actually mail pics out to everyone who wants one. If you are included in that group of people who would like one, make sure to tell me.

I think I am going to get a pic with her wearing these little shoes that Grammie got her. Check out these cutie shoes:

Here is Caden munching on some gummies in the shape of eggs. Yum...

I will let you know tomorrow how the pics go. I will leave you with a pic of a piece of art I made for the wall today. I had a spot I needed to fill, and I was able to throw this together while Caden was napping without buying anything. I especially like the jewels!


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