Monday, September 06, 2010

Out for a Walk and Caden on the Mend

Well I did end up getting a few really cute pics of Caden yesterday. Once he woke up from his nap he seemed to be feeling a lot better since he wanted to go outside and play. Lilli hung out with Grammie while I went outside to play with the little guy. Here he is blowing some bubbles and then checking out our raspberry bushes.

Later on in the evening we decided to go for a walk. That is the stroller that Danny and Sam got for us when Lilli was born. It is really great. Lilli rides on the top strapped in her car seat while Caden can either sit or stand closest to me.

It was obviously a little too soon for a walk, because I was a hurting unit last night and today. I had to pop a few more Ibuprofen.

Today Caden seems to be a little better than yesterday, but he is still not himself yet. He is still pretty crabby and clingy. He also woke up four different times last night, which never happens. He then slept until 10:45 when Ryan went and woke him up. I hope he is back to normal tomorrow.

Last night I worked on Lilli's 365 album (Project Life). I got all the days put on the pics up until yesterday. I also typed up the journal for when she was born like I did when Caden was born. Now I just need to fill out the journal cards. I will be doing that today. I also went through the gifts that she got and wrote all of that down so I can send out thank you cards this week. She is definitely a spoiled little girl!

I also want to mention that my brother and Sam's dog Moses passed away today. We are all very sad about losing Moses, but at least he passed on his own and he wasn't in pain. Please keep them in your thoughts.

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