Friday, September 10, 2010

Nothing Accomplished

Well, it is Friday, and I don't really feel like I got anything accomplished this week. One thing I did do well was keep up with the photo portion of Lilli's 365 album. I have all of the photos put in the folder on my computer with the day of the week on it already except yesterday's pic. That is on my phone and I don't feel like going upstairs to grab the cable to connect my phone to the computer. Lazy? Yes. Will it get done? Hopefully tomorrow. I know I was suppose to take it easy this week, but there were still some things that I could have done:

1. Write my thank yous
2. Fill out my journal cards for Lilli's 365 album
3. Design some of the layouts for Caden's 2nd year album
4. Design some of the layouts for Lilli's album
5. Work on the mini-book of pics for Lilli's first two weeks (we did one for Caden, so Lilli will get one, too)

I am hoping to get some of these things done tomorrow. We will see how that goes.

Lilli was awake a lot more today. There was a stretch from 11:15ish until 2:30 or 3:00 where she was awake. That is a lot longer than she has been awake so far. It is nice seeing her eyes. Here she is with her Grammie during that awake time:

Caden spent time again with Grandma. She took him to the park and did some other fun things that I can't do with him yet. Again, he was pretty whinny and crabby tonight. Ryan found that when he throws a fit (and I mean throws a fit...bangs his fists on the sliding door while screaming...we are talking Exorcist material here) it works to take him to the lower lever and put him on the green chair. Ryan then stood behind him. Once he stopped crying, Ryan would bring him back upstairs. If he started to cry again, he went back to the chair. That will be what we will do. I am thinking about buying a time out chair to keep upstairs. It just isn't realistic for me to run downstairs with him if he needs to be in a time out. Then I would need to bring Lilli downstairs with me...nightmare. I think I will checkout Educare to see if they have anything I can use.

Bedtime with Caden was great. I have a Winnie the Pooh book I bought for him before he was born. I haven't been able to read it to him because it is basically like a chapter book with each chapter being around 10-11 pages. He hasn't had the attention span for that. Tonight was different. He snuggled next to me while I read him an entire chapter. I pointed out the characters to him as I read each page. He silently watched and listened with his head on my shoulder. It was wonderful. He listened to the entire chapter. It was perfect... I hope to have a repeat performance tomorrow night.

While I was reading to Caden, Ryan was snuggling with Lilli. Here is the shot I got:

I am hoping to have some cute pics of Caden to put on here tomorrow. My dad gets into town tomorrow early evening, so I am sure I will be taking a lot of pictures. He will be visiting us until Tuesday morning. We are looking forward to seeing him, and also having him meet Lilli.

Have a great night!

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