Friday, September 24, 2010

Much more accomplished!

Today was another pretty good day as far as getting things accomplished is concerned. I got the birth announcements printed last night, so I addressed them all and sent them out today. I scheduled a landscaper to come and plant two trees in our yard (one in the front and one in the back) for next Tuesday morning. I picked up some items I needed at Target. I got some things going for our business. I know...I haven't really talked about that. I will in the future... Trust me, it's a great idea! Then the night was rounded out with some pizza from Pizza Hut (Grammie's favorite) and Shanghai cards.
I am just now getting ready to take a quick shower and then heading to bed.

Both kids were very good today.

Here is Lilli trying on one of the hats that Mindi sent for her:

Caden was especially funny today. When we ran to Target we walked in and he pointed to the Starbucks and said "juice." This is because last week I got him one of those organic apple juice boxes from there. The kid has an unbelievable memory. I told him he could have milk, and he was still pretty happy about that.

We met up with Alexis and when we were done Alexis asked if he wanted to go with her. We were both counting on him saying no and wanting to go with me. Instead, he said, "uh huh" to her and started to walk over to her. So Caden went with Alexis when she went to visit her dad in the hospital and then ran to her house. My little guy is growing up!

Here are some pics of Mommy playing with him tonight.


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