Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Messy Eater and the Elusive Smile

Gram, Lilli, and I did quite a bit of shopping in Appleton today. I got pretty much everything that I needed, too. I wanted to get some new art for the living room, and I found a couple pieces at the TJ Maxx Home Goods store. That is definitely one of my favorite stores for...anything. I love their home goods (of course), but I also LOVE the selection of books that they have. I also found a really cute wooden Mickey Mouse Clubhouse jigsaw puzzle. I may like it better than Caden does!
Speaking of Caden, here is what he looked like while he was eating pudding tonight. He was a little messy to say the least:

He was in a pretty goofy mood. He felt that he needed to sit in the bouncy chair while Lilli was with Grammie. He thought he was very funny.

Lilli was pretty smiley tonight. Unfortunately every time I got the camera she would stop. Here is Gram trying to make her smile:

This is the closest I got to a shot of the smile:

I will keep trying!


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