Thursday, September 23, 2010

I will survive

Ryan left for Madison early this morning. So no help from Daddy tonight when he got home. Luckily Grammie is still here to help out. I am now confident that I will be okay when Grammie leaves and I will be alone with the little ones. I will definitely have my hands full...don't get me wrong...but I am confident that I will be able to handle it.

I got quite a bit done today. I schedule for St. Vincent De Paul to come next Tuesday morning to pick up the large furniture in our garage so Ryan can finally set up his workshop area. I called the groomer to get Sassy in sometime next week. I set up an appointment. I finally (so tacky) mailed my thank you cards. I had them written two weeks ago, but they have just been sitting there. I ordered the announcements. I also pulled the majority of our vegetable garden out. I left a tomato plant and two pepper plants. This was all accomplished while also playing with Caden or during his nap time.

Here are some shots from the day:

Lilli chilling in her bouncy chair. Check out the cute outfit from my friend Becki.

Here is Caden looking too cool wearing mommy's sunglasses and cruising in his car.

I love this pic! Caden is watching Mickey Mouse and is obviously pretty comfortable.


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