Monday, September 13, 2010

Great Day!

I had a great day with Caden today! He was pretty much back to his normal self. There were a couple of meltdowns for no real reason, but overall not bad! He woke up a little after 7, right around when Lilli woke up too, of course. But everything went well. Caden did a great job of eating breakfast, and then since the weather was so nice we headed outside. We blew bubbles and then Caden "painted" the deck. I got him a little bowl of water and a paint brush. He brush the deck with the water and had a great time. Here is a shot I caught on my phone:

My dad, Danny, and Ryan were home for lunch, so that was nice. After lunch Caden and I went for a short walk. The weather was just perfect today. I kept the walk to around 15 minutes because I didn't want to pay for it tomorrow.

I took Caden shoe shopping after his nap. I could tell his tennis shoes were too tight. He is wearing a 7 1/2. His other shoes were a 5 1/2. Oops! We got a nice pair of brown shoes and a pair of black and white superhero ones that light up. He thinks he is pretty cool in his new shoes.

Dad and Danny came over for dinner. Dad held Lilli pretty much the entire time he was here when we weren't eating. She always conks out while he is holding her. Here is one shot demonstrating that:

Here is dad with both kiddos:

Here is a shot of Caden trying to grab the camera from me so he could take a picture:

Have a good night!

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