Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dad is in town

Today was a pretty good day. I was able to leave the house for the first time since we took Lilli to the doctor the Tuesday after she was born. It felt good to leave the house. We went out to lunch to Applebee's. Caden needed Ryan to walk him out of the restaurant once, but in his defense, it was pretty close to his nap time. I could have planned that better.

Right after lunch we headed back home because my dad got into town. He is visiting until Tuesday morning. He wanted to see Lilli right away. Here he is meeting her:

It was cute how Caden seemed to take to him again right away. He didn't even cry if Dad picked him up.

Caden and I also made use of the nice weather and went out searching for more raspberries. Success! Here he is enjoying some of the harvest!

Tomorrow we are going to Adin's first birthday party at 11:30, but the rest of the day is pretty open. I hope to tackle that to do know, the one I didn't touch today! But then again, if the weather is as nice as it is supposed to be, I may have to put it off for one more day :)



The Josephs Family said...

Did Lilli stay home with Grammie? Even though it was close to nap time, I'm sure Caden really appreciated the one-on-one time with you and Ryan!! :)

The Ames Family said...

No, both Lillies were in attendance. :) Little Lilli slept in her car seat the entire time.