Sunday, September 12, 2010

Birthday Party Fun and Pumpkins!

Today was a good day. We celebrated Adin's 1st birthday today at Jay and Linda's. We had a really nice time. They had so much set up for the kids to play with. I think Caden's favorite part was the roller coaster in the backyard. Here he is enjoying it.

He had a great time playing with Andrew and Adin. He ate pretty well, too. We discovered that he is a big fan of Arby's roast beef.

After the party we went to Grandma and "Bumpah's" so the kids could pick their pumpkins before the squirrels got to them. Caden knew which one he wanted right away.

Unfortunately, the one he wanted had already been gnawed a little bit, but luckily there was another one right behind it that he could have.

Here is Bumpah with the kiddos.

Lilli was completely out, so we just left her in her carrier.

When we got home Lilli was awake, so I tried to get some other shots of her for her announcement. Here is one possibility. What do you think?

I also have to include these pictures Ryan took this morning. Caden was showing Lilli Playhouse Disney on my computer. He had his arm around her and was patting her side. The first shot I think is just hilarious!

My Dad came over with Danny and Sam for dinner, so Caden got to spend some more quality time with him blowing some bubbles. His favorite. I am also happy to report that Caden successfully went pee pee on the potty three times today. He is not only grabbing his pants but also now saying "pee pee." We are getting close!

Have a great night!


Diane said...

why does caden have a nuck all of a sudden? i have never seen him with one before in all of the other pictures. just wondering.

The Ames Family said...

He only uses one at nap or bedtime.