Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Scary Clouds and Tornado Sirens

Last night Ryan had a meeting in Appleton, so it was just Caden, the pooches, and me. The day had been exceptionally warm and nice. Caden had a nice dinner...who am I kidding? He ate two ravioli, two bites of a PB & J, and around 10 Goldfish. He just isn't diggin' dinner right now. Anyway, back to my story. I had just given him a bath when we were back downstairs in PJ's. I took a look outside and this is the sky I saw:

It was then that I decided I should check the news to see what was coming exactly. There was a major storm that was north of us, but I didn't see much in Oshkosh. About 5 minutes later that changed when we were under a Tornado Warning and the sirens started going off. I grabbed Caden, his drink, Goldfish, and attempted to get all of us (dogs included) in the basement. That was not easy. Persuading the dogs involved quite a few handfuls of Goldfish being pelted down into the basement. Once we were down there Caden had a great time. He was running around like a fool. He then decided to walk on the treadmill for awhile. No, I am not kidding. He walks on it set at .5 mph. I just held his hands while he walked in front of me. He played with remote controls. In his book it was probably one of the best nights he has had. After around 20-25 minutes we went back upstairs and all was calm. Pretty exciting night for a Tuesday!


The Josephs Family said...

Don't worry about Caden not eating dinner. Mads doesn't do dinner either. I figure as long as she eats a good breakfast and lunch she's golden. If she was hungry, she'd eat! :) Apparently our kids are too busy to be bothered with dinner! :)

Diane said...

oh wow!! those clouds are wicked looking glad you are safe love ya