Monday, March 29, 2010

National Board Process Complete!!!

After thinking I was going to lose my mind last week, I finally got everything done for my National Board box to mail. I mailed it on Friday. After months and months of stress and work, I no longer have to look at that blue box! I will be taking the Assessment Center exam on May 26th, but I don't even want to think about that now.

Our short trip to Toledo went well. I have some cute pics I need to upload. We went to the playground since the weather was so nice. Caden had a ball!

Last weekend was the first stress free weekend I can remember in a long time! Ryan had What's New U in Green Bay, so Caden, Pam, and I worked on our own continuing education at the mall. I got some really cute maternity tops for this summer. I will be able to break them in next week in Florida.

The rest of this week I need to get everything ready to go. I need to finish up some laundry tonight so I can send out our box with clothes to Florida. Since we are flying Delta, it is $25 for the first bag. Obviously we don't want to check anything unless it is necessary. It helps a lot that my mom is getting a stroller, car seat, and high chair. She will be borrowing these from people she knows. That will save us a lot of grief of lugging all of that through the airport. We also plan to just buy diapers, wipes, and food when we get there. I sent my mom a list of what we will need, so she plans to have all of that ready when we get there, too.

Before we leave we still need to do a few things:
  1. Load the two episodes of "The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" on my iPhone just in case Caden needs them.
  2. Get the portable DVD player ready to go for the airplane.
  3. Figure out what carry-on bags we will be taking. I plan to only take Caden's diaper bag and a carry-on. I may buy a new carry-on to use for future trips. Any suggestions?
  4. Figure out what toys to bring for Caden to play with on the plane. Of course I am thinking some new things that are not noisy and messy. I read somewhere that taking a wallet and fake credit cards is pretty entertaining.
  5. We have a meeting on Friday with our family attorney to sign our will. There is no relation between the signing of our will and the trip! :)
I am sure there are many other items that I have forgotten to put on that list.

I have some very cute pics to upload to the blog. My favorite is from last Saturday. It was around 7:30 am, and Ryan and I were eating breakfast while Caden was playing in the kitchen. He loves to open the cabinet next to the oven. It is the only unlocked cabinet besides the one with all of our plastic containers. He got pretty quiet, so we knew he was up to something. He was sitting on the kitchen floor with a bag of large marshmallows between his legs. He had figured out his to open the clip and was chowing down on them while he was watching Mickey. I had to have Ryan take some pics before I took the marshmallows away. I figure he ate around three. He loves them! I will add that pic.

Wish me luck with this busy week!

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