Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cara and Christmas Picture

Cara is in the hospital. She woke this morning with extreme pain in her head. It was so bad she couldn't even open her eyes or talk. She was worried because it was very similar to the pain she had when she was still in college that ended up being a blood clot in her brain. Jordon got her to the hospital, but made sure to call Pam and Dick first. They are in Madison right now. As of now there is no definite diagnosis. They did an MRI, and two spots did show up. They aren't sure though if those are new or are from the clots before. She is in as of now until Monday. Ryan, Caden, and I will be driving to Madison tomorrow to visit and bring Dick back home with us. Please keep Cara in your thoughts and prayers. I will update when I get any new news.

On a good note, we FINALLY took our holiday photo tonight. Danny came over and took it for us. This is the one we ended up using. It is cropped for the card.

I think this one is hilarious. It looks like Ryan is laughing, Caden is terrified, Bentley is vicious, and I am just oblivious. I love it!

Have a good night!

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